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   Purpose, Goals & Objectives


MASL’s Core Purpose is to encourage excellence in the profession by advocating for effective school library programs and supporting all school library personnel.


We’ve dreamed about what a no-holds-barred future for our profession could be and developed a “Big Audacious Goal” (BAG) to reach that envisioned future:

MASL’s “Big Audacious Goal” is that all school community members understand, value and support effective school library programs.

Adopted July 2007




MASL believes that both the Library Media Specialist and support staff personnel are totally involved in the teaching/learning process, working with students.and teachers, using every means possible to help make learning a meaningful and rich experience. MASL supports the integration of learning experiences throughout the curriculum and the integration of new technologies intothe learning environment. MASL is dedicated to promoting quality library media services in all schools of our state.

Adopted: October 22, 2010

Contact Us: Email maslibraries@gmail.com or PO Box 634 Augusta ME 04332

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