MASL President-Elect Amanda Kozaka, Winner Suzanne Day, and District Librarian Kelley Goodfield

Administrator of the Year Award
Suzanne Day
Curriculum Coordinator of SAD 55

.The Maine Association of School Libraries (MASL) is pleased to announce that Suzanne Day, Curriculum Coordinator for SAD 55, was presented the 2016 Administrator of the Year award.   The award is intended to recognize the responsible and influential role of the school administrator in developing successful school library media programs, and to stimulate planning, implementation and support of school library media services.  Suzanne has been an educator from the ground up – a classroom teacher, a teaching principal, principal and now curriculum coordinator.  She recognizes and supports the role of the school library in order to increase student success and learning.  Suzanne is noted for understanding the importance of teaching information literacy and has worked to create β€œan environment of collaboration and stressing the importance of teaching our students Information Literacy skills in collaboration with the school library.”  She has attended two National Association of School Library conferences with the library staff.  During one of these gatherings, they drafted a mission and vision for the library program. They also outlined an action plan to accomplish those goals.  Suzanne was very instrumental in assisting the library staff to meet those goals.  She has been actively involved in the transition of the school libraries into learning commons at all grade levels.  Suzanne understands the challenges faced given the current budget climate. She has worked closely with library staff in order to advocate for funds or explore alternative funding sources.



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