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Growth Agents

Become involved as a MASL mentor and be an agent for growth by offering support and expanding professional vision. A mentor can provide support through a one time message or develop an ongoing relationship. Mentoring is a reflective practice for both the mentor and mentee. Expanding connections through mentoring helps strengthen our profession and Maine libraries. 


The MASL mentoring chair will help connect members as mentors and mentees. If you are interested in being involved, please contact for more information. 

Certificate Hours

reflection log can be submitted by mentor and/or mentee to the certificate chair to earn up to five certificate hours per school year. 

MASL Mentors in Action

  • Supports goal setting, planning, learning,  decision making,  problem solving, and reflecting.

  • Provides confidentiality, emotional support and encouragement. 

  • Offers resources or helps identify those related to identified needs. 

  • Models professional learning journey.

  • Counsels, collaborates, and coaches. 

  • Draws upon MASL resources and standards in librarianship as a foundation for mentoring. 




Maine Association of School Libraries

c/o Maine State Library

64 State Street

Augusta, ME


"MASL" is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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